Birmingham Family Photo Session in the Spring

Liberty Park, AL

It was a beautiful day in Birmingham for a family photo session. The sun was going down on a precious trail in Liberty Park and the Busha family was photo ready! April is always a toss up as far as weather is concerned. Typically, the temperatures are just right for family photo sessions, but those April showers can be interesting to work around. Spring is a mystery, but more often than not, a good photographer can find the perfect opportunity to capture memories that will last a family a lifetime!

Cue the Busha family. This was one of those sessions where everything fell into place. The weather was perfect! The sun was setting at just the right time, which made for a beautiful and natural set up. The Busha’s beautiful little girl was all smiles and, quite frankly, a natural. There was no reason to quit capturing the essence of this family! This perfect combination of events allowed for us to continue to snap family photos until we ran out of daylight.

The Busha Family Photo Session

As a photographer, it is always a privilege to be chosen and trusted by families to capture beautiful moments for them. The photos I give them will be something they will cherish for years to come. This session was an honor to be chosen for because mom is also a photographer. She knew what she wanted out of this Birmingham family photo session and called on me, Jackie Murray Photography, to make her dreams a reality. This kind of trust is what I strive to build with my clients.

The Busha family on a trail in Liberty Park.

I offer several photo session opportunities for families. Family photo sessionsmaternity sessions and newborn sessions are all highlighted on my website. Contact me for more information by clicking here. I would love to help you and your family capture the moments in life because that are so fleeting!

Spring Family Photo Session

A Beautiful, Spring Photo Session

The Busha Family


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