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Fall is…

What is a fall family photo session? A quiet stream trickles by. A family laughs and enjoys each other on a beautiful Fall day. The leaves are changing colors, offering a natural scenic background. The air is crisp, allowing for the perfect set up for family pictures. The weather is nice, and I see happy children. Mom and dad hold them close and soak them in. This is what I envision a Fall family photo session on the Cahaba to be.

Fall Session on the Cahaba

Family Fall Session

Maternity Photo Session in Hoover

A Fall Breeze and Autumn Leaves

The Fall is a spectacular time to have family photos taken! The colors that come with Fall are breathtaking. It’s easy to find clothing for the family that delicately flows with the colors on the trees. One of my clients’ favorite aspects of Fall photo sessions always proves to be the weather. There is typically a gentle breeze flowing through the air, keeping everyone in the family comfortable.

Fall Family Session Locations for Everyone!

I adore the Cahaba! It offers amazing backgrounds for Fall photo sessions. A second place I love in the Fall is Ross Bridge. This location is close and the scenery is unbelievable! Fall pictures taken at Ross Bridge turn out like paintings! They’re beautiful! The colors are a perfect depiction of Fall in Alabama. The Cahaba and Ross Bridge are both featured in this blog. Trust me, they live up to their hype!

Fall at Ross Bridge!

Harvest Blessings of A Fall Photo Session

It is always rewarding to see my clients enjoy their photo sessions. The weather in Alabama is often unpredictable. There are sessions that are stifling hot and others are blistering cold. Crisp, Fall sessions almost always turn out beautiful! Seeing joy on my clients’ faces at a shoot, tells me I have done my best work! Fall is the perfect time for these kinds of sessions. I would love to photograph your family this Fall! Contact me today to set up your session!

Ross Bridge Fall Session

Fall Photo Session at Ross Bridge

Ross Bridge Family Session

Cahaba Fall Session

Fall Session on The Cahaba


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