Christmas Photography in Trussville, AL | Milk and Cookie Pajama Sessions

Christmas Photography Trussville AL

Christmas Photography in Trussville, AL

Christmas photography doesn’t get much cuter than a Milk and Cookie Pajama session! These are some of the most fun sessions I get to shoot each year! Because the kids enjoy these sessions, the pictures always look natural, not forced. When kids are happy and relaxed, parents are happy and relaxed. These Christmas sessions are truly magical!

Sweet Siblings!

Cookies Make Christmas Photo Sessions Fun!

An aspect of Milk and Cookie sessions that children love so much is the cookie they actually get to eat and the milk they are given to drink! Who knew something so small could bring such big smiles?! Another highlight for the kids… jumping on the bed! Kids get so excited to find out that I actually want them to jump on the bed during the session! I also encourage my clients to bring a book that they enjoy reading to their children, especially at Christmastime. My favorite sessions are those that my clients enjoy, and it never fails that my Milk and Cookie Pajama sessions are a delight!

Christmas Photography in Trussville
Milk and Cookies make for a great session!

Christmas Photography Serving A Purpose!

Fun fact: I offer Milk and Cookie sessions for kids alone and for the whole family! I enjoy photographing each option, but it’s always sweet when an entire family is together, laughing and enjoying one another! It’s easy to see that Milk and Cookie sessions make amazing Christmas cards! Many clients like to use these pictures for their Christmas cards because they offer a genuine smile from their children. Nothing is forced. The smiles and giggles are authentic and natural.

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I would love to meet you and photograph your family! Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. Click here to book your Milk and Cookie Pajama session today, before they’re gone!

Christmas Photography in Trussville
Christmas Pajamas, Cookies and Milk!
Christmas photography Trussville
Beautiful Christmas Session