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Newborn Photography Session

Is there anything sweeter than a newborn photography session? I don’t think so! I love photographing sweet little ones who have just entered the world! Newborn pictures are treasures that last a lifetime. They are as close as parents can get to freezing time!

Newborn Photography Session

What to Expect in a Newborn Photography Session

The goal of newborn sessions is to keep the baby comfortable and relaxed. After all, we are all there for the baby, right?! I like to keep the studio warm. This helps the baby to cooperate to increase the chances of getting all the precious poses my clients request! Also, I do have clients who ask to be included in the session with their baby, and I am happy to do that!

Sweet, little details

Mom, Dad, and their baby

Newborn Photography Props

I love a good prop for newborn sessions. They make pictures unique and seem to offer the finishing touch they need. In studio, I have all the wraps and props a client could want. There are times, however, that a client will bring along a lovey, special blanket, or a sentimental toy that they want included in pictures. I welcome these special items and will happily include them in your child’s pictures.


Sweet props for baby boy

Booking a Newborn Photo Session

I would love to photograph your newborn! These are pictures you will never regret having taken and will cherish for years to come! To book your next newborn session, visit my site and contact me! Have a question or comment? I would love to hear from you!

Proud daddy!

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Plenty of wraps and props for any session

Newborn photography session

Mama and baby

Sweet, little love


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