Newborn Photography | Wraps, Colors, and Props

Newborn Photography

As a photographer, I wear many different hats, but I truly love the results I achieve in newborn photography. Newborn sessions take time and patience. They certainly aren’t the easiest sessions I offer, but the innocence that is captured in these sessions make them worth every minute!

Newborn Photography | Birmingham AL

Newborn Photography | Wraps and Color Schemes

Over the years, I have grown my collection of wraps. A wrap can make all the difference in a newborn session. I have color options that range from neutrals to soft pinks to blues and greens. In some sessions, like those featured in this post, moms will ask me to use a certain wrap color to match the color of the dress they wore in the maternity session they had just weeks before. I love the way that simple detail ties the pictures together so seamlessly!

Wraps to match Mom’s maternity dress

Newborn Photography | Setups

Something I love is finding props for my photography sessions. Finding props for my newborns sessions is like striking gold! Anytime I find a new prop I can’t wait to use it. The props are what gives the pictures just the pop they need. The babies make them innocent and precious, while the props offer a theme and character. I have several prop options, a few of which are featured in the pictures in this post.

Props provide all the character!

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The most precious moment

Simple yet lovely

Newborn Photography

Newborn details are the sweetest!


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