Tips For An Awesome Maternity Session

Maternity Photo Shoot

Have you been thinking of having a maternity session done but haven’t taken the leap yet? Maybe you’ve had a session done, and it didn’t go as well as you had hoped. Today, I want to offer you tips that I like to give to my clients to help make their maternity session go smoothly and feel easy!

Tips for an awesome maternity session
Maternity Photography

Six Tips For An Awesome Maternity Session

1. Be Proud of Your Mama Body

Your body is an amazing thing! Too often, a woman dismisses her body’s image without giving thought to the amazing process it has carried her through. Your body has sustained a life for nine months, keeping your baby safe, healthy, and content. Be proud of your body and the work it’s put in. Having a maternity session is the perfect way to show off the beautiful image you developed while carrying your sweet miracle.

2. Treat Yourself!

There are so many things on a mama’s to-do list. Why not remove the stress of having the perfect hair and make up for your session by booking with Beauty by Kayla? Kayla is a trained professional with so much to offer! She is talented and great at what she does. Allow yourself to relax and unwind while simultaneously prepping for your shoot!

3. Take Advantage of My Client Closet!

Many clients are beginning to realize the benefit of using my client closet. I have several dresses available for maternity shoots at a client’s request. The mental and financial stress of buying a nice dress for these sessions is not a necessary burden to bear. If you find yourself in a crunch, ask about scheduling a time to see my client closet. I would love to show you around and help you find the perfect dress for your session!

4. Think of a Desired Location

I have many locations available for my clients. Many clients ask for recommendations and allow me the opportunity to choose the location for their shoot. While this path is a fine one to take, I’m also happy to hear your preferences. Don’t hesitate to send me locations, or ideas of locations, for your shoot!

5. Share Your Vision

As always, I am happy to guide your maternity session and choose everything from location to colors to poses. However, don’t be afraid to share your vision for your maternity session with me! If you have a specific idea of what you want from your session, tell me. Show me poses, color schemes, and anything else you hope for, and we will do our best to make it happen. I want nothing more than my clients to love the results of their session. Letting me know what you want helps me to create that for you!

6. Have Fun and Enjoy Yourself!

This is a moment in time. You won’t be pregnant forever. Let loose at your session and enjoy every minute because it only lasts so long! Be proud to be you and share the joy in your heart with the camera. Schedule your maternity session with Jackie Murray Photography today! You won’t regret it.

Tips for an awesome maternity session
Maternity Sessions with JMP

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